Two Months of ZEITGUIDE Culture Class for Cultural Leaders

Two Months of ZEITGUIDE Culture Class for Cultural Leaders

1,500.00 every 2 months 2,000.00 every 2 months

Culture Class' sole purpose is to keep you smart, culturally relevant, and future-proof - and primed with the knowledge to be what I call a "Cultural Leader."

You will be part of an intimate gathering of leaders from diverse industries. 
We’re here to share what you need to know, right now; to help you digest tactical information quickly and efficiently, and inform your business strategies and visions with relevant wisdom.

Here's what you get by enrolling in Zeitguide's Culture Class:

1.  A private Weekly Zoom conference call with the group where we’ll pour over a custom weekly Zeitguide prepared just for you. (We will find a time that works for everyone in the group, but all will be recorded if you can't make a session).

2. Access to Zeitguide's ongoing curation library, meticulously cataloged by our four cultural pillars: 
1.      Tech Buzz
2.      Global & Societal Issues
3.      Workplace Insights
4.      Consumer Trends

4.  A daily private podcast/lesson on Voxer with me. It’s a daily education on a current cultural touchstone.

5. Access to all of our Zeitguide pay-walled content: our quarterly publications, Sunday Sermons and our daily Zeitbites (no longer free in 2019). Q1 will be published at the end of January.

6. Free tickets to all our live Crash Course Events hosted around the world.

The cost is $1500 for sixty days. Full refund after 1 week trial.
That's for 8 Classes, 8 Weekly Custom Zeitguides, Daily Podcasts custom to the group, and access to our curation library.

Join anytime and your two months will start then.

For more information please contact